Public Policy

Assisted Living is based on the philosophy of Dignity, Choice and Independence. RIALA supports reasonable regulations that provide a frame work for operation that allows assisted living communities to cater to the needs of the resident while providing a safe and clean environment. Currently there are 63 assisted living communities across the state serving more than 3,500 seniors and people with disabilities daily; by providing accommodation, meals and personal services. RIALA maintains a presence at the State House while the General Assembly is in session January to June. 

Government Relations          

Duffy & Sweeney provide Government Relations Services for the association. RIALA has worked closely with Michael Ryan and Daniel Connors for many years. By working together on a host of subjects, the Duffy & Sweeney team understand the assisted living industry and the issues that affect our members. The RIALA Board meets with Mike and Dan in the fall to map out our legislative priorities for the upcoming session. Duffy & Sweeney also advance issues and monitor committee meetings throughout the year.