During the summer of 2014, we developed a partnership with RI College School of Nursing and the Health Care Administration major in the School of Management. Our objective is to develop career pathways into Assisted Living. We are developing ways for students to gain experience in assisted living. Rhode Island CollegeDepending on the course, undergraduate and Master level students have research projects and presentations that are required to successfully completion of the course. A group of RIALA members are working closely with leadership and faculty at RIC to work on the issues that impact our industry. Let us know if you have suggestions or are interested in participating.


Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College Charter SchoolRIALA has also developed a close working relationship with Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College (RINI), a public charter high school in RI focused on nursing and health care. We are working in conjunction with RINI to develop career paths into assisted living for next generation nurses. We are also working to meet the demands of training programs in assisted living by addressing the skills gaps in across health care related jobs.